Preventive Medicine: Video Games

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One Man's Hobby Is Another Man's Cure

An outbreak of chlamydia has been declared by school officials at a Texas high school. According to Newser, the only sexual education course that is legally required to be taught emphasizes abstinence. School district officials sent letters to parents warning that 20 of Crane High School's students have contracted the disease (300 students attend Crane). The district has planned to have a meeting with school officials, parents, and teachers to discuss a strategy and the school's sex-ed program.


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Reader, Just_a_Voice, cuts straight to the solution:


Well, let's see if anyone will listening to this subject matter expert. We're willing to bet, parents feel free to chime in, that gamer thumb is way better than chlamydia. But, hey, what do we know? What's your solution? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Stefy

    I would have gone with Skyrim first. Halo just make me want to hate f**k someone.