And Then Off To School And Church

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Masked Gunman:

On February 18, 2015 a masked man was shot and killed after pulling a gun on three employees standing behind a counter at the Good Pharmacy in Pinch, W.VA. One of the employees was Don Radcliff, a pharmacist, who had his firearm on his side. Radcliff fired on the masked man, who was identified as Terry Gillenwater.

Matt commented  on the video posted on WCHS & WVAH TV's Facebook page, providing some insight into Gillenwater's Background:

Well, maybe Gillenwater was off to school and then church after he ran some errands. You never know.

Here's the Video:


To see the full story, click here: WCHS-TV8

Tell us what you think. Is Radcliff a great shot or what?

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