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Honestly, there are tons of news stories, posts, listicles, opinions, heart felt advice articles, etc. etc. etc. on the internet these days. We started to notice that some of the comments left on sites were far more entertaining than the actual content (we can see you shaking your head right now). So……, we created So Insightful to post the best part of it all (the chewy center, the meat & potatoes, the nugget, you get it), the comments.  Don’t worry, we also include a summary of the article so you don’t have to read it, you’re welcome, along with some commentary, we’re sorry. You’re probably wondering how the heck we select the best comments, well this is the science behind our madness: some of the comments highlighted were selected by our staff and some of the comments were rated highly by site readers (likes, stars, unicorns, etc.). Because this site is all about the comments, feel free to leave a comment about the comment – we’re not hypocrites. Oh yah, don’t forget to share the site with your friends, family, neighbor, boss, or whoever you want to impress. One last thing, if you see a comment out there that broke the internet, please feel free to send it to us through our Contact So Insightful page.


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